Our Services

Here’s a sampling of our available services:

Scheduled Maintenance for ALL Makes

  • Inspections, oil changes, fluid/filter replacements, brake servicing, etc.

All Types of Repairs for ALL Makes

  • Brakes, belts, exhaust, wiring, suspension, air conditioning, etc.

Diagnostic Testing

  • For all makes that includes repairing rough running, warning lamps like Check Engine Lights, etc.

Drive Clean Emissions Testing

  • Includes failure diagnosis and repair

Safety Inspections

  • Includes annual safety inspections for commercial vehicles and trailers

Comfortable Waiting Areas

  • Clean and comfortable waiting room with Wifi and refreshments

Professional Auto Cleaning and Detailing

  • Full-time Detailer on staff at our Rigney St. location

Used Vehicle Sales

  • We arrange financing, accept trades and can find your next vehicle

Tire Sales and Installation

  • All brands available at great prices. Wheel alignments.
    Tire storage at Rigney St. location

Shuttle Service (Rigney St. location)

  • Flexible ride times to/from home or work within 20 minute distance

“Peace of Mind” Warranty

  • We’ve got you covered in North America for 1 year/20,000 km


We know you’re busy and we value your time. That’s why we offer more convenience offerings than any other service provider:

  • Scheduled Maintenance (We ARE authorized to perform ALL scheduled maintenance on NEW VEHICLES and vehicles under warranty)
  • Personalized Car Medics Maintenance Program
  • Next appointment set up for you
  • Appointment Reminder by phone or email 3 days prior to your next visit
  • Complete explanation of required work in understandable terms
  • Digital photographs of your faulty parts (emailed upon request)
  • Courtesy Shuttle to and from your destinations (available 8:00-4:30, reservations required)
  • Vehicle pick-up and delivery service (Service Charge may apply)
  • After hours vehicle drop-off and pick-up
  • 24-Hours towing with Carroll’s Towing (389-2777)
  • Commercial and Fleet Vehicle Management Programs
  • Internet access and work areas in our customer lounge
  • Children’s play toys and colouring books
  • Fresh Tim Horton’s coffee and refreshments

Hours of Operation

Mon to Fri: 8am - 5pm

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