Covid-19 Updates

After being deemed an essential service this past Tuesday, Car Medics has made the difficult decision to remain open, at least for the time being.

We want to make ourselves available for those who need emergency auto repairs to keep them moving during this challenging time. As a CAA Approved Auto Center, we are also here for those people that break down unexpectedly, whether they are local or from out of town. We thank all of the front line workers in health care, grocery/pharmacy, emergency services (police, fire and ambulance), delivery services (grocery and prescription medications), and others who still need to get to work to ensure that we get through this together.

As most businesses right now, we’re making changes on a daily and hourly basis, but we also want to assist in other ways if we can. We’ve seen other companies delivering groceries or supplies to someone’s home, or offering different payment options to lessen some of the financial stress surrounding the pandemic. Whatever your case may be, Car Medics is leaving our door open for discussion. If you have any special accommodation needs or have questions about how we can help you, automotive related or not, please just reach out.

We are a small, local business, with only two locations in the Kingston area, and we want to help our community in any way that we can. We are in the process of donating a number of cases of nitrile gloves to the Kingston Health Sciences Centre. If you think we can help you, just call or email us and let’s talk!

After consultation with our staff and suppliers, Car Medics has put into place numerous safety measures to protect our employees and our customers. Some of these measures are listed below. For additional information, please give us a call.

We recommend that all customers simply drop their vehicle off and throw their keys through our KEY DROP 📫📫📫, any time, day or night. If you have a second set of keys, we will even lock your keys in your car when we are finished. This way you don’t actually have to enter our building. Even though we are operating with reduced staff, we will get to your car as soon as possible.

🛡🛡🛡CUSTOMER SAFETY ZONE – Should you wish to pop in and speak to us directly, inside the front door at both of our locations we have created a roped off section where you can safely speak to us (from 20 ft away), drop your keys off and, later on, pick your keys up. Everything else will be performed electronically by email and telephone. This includes us sending you a digital copy of your vehicle’s iPAD INSPECTION REPORT 📲📲📲 Our suppliers also must deliver our parts and supplies within this safety zone, preventing direct contact with our staff.

😢😢😢SHUTTLE SERVICE SUSPENDED – We feel it is not possible to practice social distancing while riding with customers in our shuttle car.

🚗🚗🚗LOANER CARS AVAILABLE – We have added 3 more cars to our fleet as of this past Monday, and will add more should we need them. THEY ARE PROVIDED AT NO CHARGE! All you have to do is gas them up before returning them. And, more importantly, they are disinfected between uses and are always ready to go!

🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️NO WAITING APPOINTMENTS – For the time being, we no longer allow customers to wait in our office while their car is being serviced.

🏚🏚🏚 VEHICLE PICK UP AND DROP OFF SERVICE – If you just can’t get out and need us, we will pick your car up and return it to your driveway. In order to faciliate this, we will send one employee who will drop off one of our runner cars in your driveway, pick your keys and car up, disinfect it before and after it’s been worked on by our technicians and then return it to your driveway all fixed up, disinfected and ready for you to use again.


💳💳💳PAYMENTS – We ask that customers either pay by e-transfer or with credit card number over the phone. This will avoid close contact and direct use of our credit card machine. Please refrain from paying by cash.

✅✅✅We will continue our strict disinfecting and cleaning policy throughout our building, including all touch points of every customer car and loaner vehicle. This includers cleaning before and after we service them.

♿♿♿ If you are someone who is elderly, disabled in any way, or have or know of anyone who requires special assistance, we will do our best to accommodate everyone in any way we can.

📱📱📱 Please email or call the shop you need, and ask to speak with a Service Advisor. We are here for you when you need us.