Maintenance Program

At Car Medics, we will always strive to better understand your needs as a vehicle owner.  We can appreciate that you may have a different goal to achieve with your vehicle than someone else and that you may be keeping one of your vehicles longer than the others.

When we develop your personal maintenance needs, we consider:

Your Budget
We always keep you in control of your money by fully explaining the reasons behind any given maintenance or repair along with our recommended level of priority. We’ll explain your options and make you fully aware of which repairs or maintenance can wait, and which ones require immediate attention. With this information in mind, it is you that will ultimately decide which work is done and when! We know that planned maintenance must sometimes be postponed so that higher priority repairs can be performed and afforded.

Your Driving Habits
Not all people use their vehicle the same. Some may drive 5 000 kilometers in a month while others wouldn’t drive that distance in one year. Some may drive all city while others all highway.

Your Vehicle’s Age
Mileage and How Long You Intend to Keep It – Many households are home to more than one vehicle. Each may have different drivers, different uses and even different levels of priority. For example, you may have one newer vehicle that you rely on when you go out of town and a second one that simply gets you back and forth to work. These two vehicles would require a different strategy and budget based on your long term expectations and use.

Your Manufacturer’s Recommended Maintenance Intervals
We maintain a full set of repair manuals that include the most current maintenance procedures and schedules developed by your manufacturer. Most car makers tend to recommend the same maintenance intervals for all drivers. We firmly believe that these recommended services are essential, but that how often and when they should be performed must be tailored to vehicle use and long term goals (i.e., how long you will keep your vehicle).

Our Recommendations
We have been in this business for many years now and have an excellent understanding of what works best and even know when certain vehicles are more susceptible to specific failures. With our past experience in mind, we may recommend a particular maintenance or repair to prevent a failure that your manufacturer was not aware of at the time the vehicle was built. An ounce of prevention can go a long way to saving you time and money.

Your Schedule
Your time is very valuable. We will always adjust your appointments to fit your schedule. If you realize that your next scheduled service is not as convenient as it could be, simply phone or email us and we will be happy to rebook it to better suit your needs.

The basis of our maintenance program is our Car Medics Maintenance Inspections. Every time your vehicle comes in for a visit, our team of experienced technicians will provide a minimum inspection of lights, tires and fluids. Regular maintenance visits will include our more thorough Level 1 or Level 2 inspections. These inspections will result in detailed reports on your vehicles’ condition and if additional service work is recommended, the priority in which this work should be performed.

Hours of Operation

Mon to Fri: 8am - 5pm

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