Napa Autopro Peace of Mind Warranty

At Car Medics, we deliver the highest caliber of workmanship, and we use only quality parts.  Our warranty on new and remanufactured parts is a minimum of 24 Months or 40,000 km.  We are constantly working with parts suppliers and manufacturers to improve not only the reliability and price of our parts, but the warranty as well.   We work closely with Napa Auto Parts and all Napa parts we install are covered by their “Peace of Mind” warranty.  This covers your vehicle for parts and labour for 24 Months or 40,000 km no matter where you drive in Canada and the United States.   Some parts are covered by extended warranties (some even have lifetime warranty).

Extended Warranties Honoured

Car Medics is authorized to perform warranty work for most extended warranties.   Here are a few that you may be familiar with:

  • Lubrico Warranty
  • Coast to Coast
  • Nationwide Warranty
  • Warranty America
  • and More…

Call us first when you have an extended warranty.  If we are not yet authorized to provide service for your particular warranty company, we will go the extra mile to seek their accreditation so that you can choose to have Car Medics perform the necessary repairs for you.

Hours of Operation

Mon to Fri: 8am - 5pm

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