Winter Tires

All season radials begin to lose their grip at 7 degrees Celsius – this is on DRY pavement! Imagine the loss of grip on snow and ice of all season radials below 7C.

Winter tires are designed to stay flexible at cold temperatures and most maintain adequate grip down to -40C. No matter how great you think your all season tires are in winter, they will never compare to a quality set of winter radials.

We have all the top-rated winter tires including Michelin, Toyo, Yokohama, Bridgestone, Pirelli, BF Goodrich, Goodyear, and MORE!!!

Why Winter Tires? Watch This Video…

(at the bottom of the link’s page)

Follow the link above and watch all 6 Winter Tire Demonstration Videos at the bottom of that page – you won’t believe the difference a set of 4 winter tires can make!

We strongly recommend the use of 4 winter tires for an increased level of safety and handling during the winter months.

Provided you plan on keeping your car for a few more years, winter tires will not increase your overall tire costs because using them all winter will extend the life of your all season radials for use during the summer months, making them last a few more years. In the end, you will only be buying tires sooner while keeping yourself and your family that much safer during the cold and slippery winter months.

We have the RIGHT winter tires for your vehicle. Come in and talk to us about the benefits of winter radials today.

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