There are many advantages to having winter rims for your new winter tires, in Kingston, Ontario.  I will list them here:

1. There is less wear and tear on both sets of tires as they do not need to be “stretched” on and off of the rims spring and fall

2. You will save on the cost of having your tires changed over every spring and fall.  When they are already on their own rims, it can be approximately half of the cost when compared to having them install on the rims and balanced.  On average, you will save $50-70 per season, just for having your winter tires already on their own rims.  For most basic steel winter rims, this means that they will pay for themselves after only 4-5 seasons, or 2-2.5 years.  And, if you have the same vehicle for longer than 3 years, you will actually be saving money by having winter rims.

3. You will save your original rims from the damaging winter conditions that include not only  hidden curbs and potholes, but also salt and corrosion as well.  The trade in and/or resale of your vehicle could actually be higher when your original alloy wheels are not all pitted, corroded and/or damaged by scraping curbs and potholes.

4. There may be an option to “downsize” your tires to a smaller size for winter tires and rims in order to save money.  Smaller tires and smaller rims are less expensive.  And, in some cases, downsizing can end up saving you more money than the cost of the rims themselves simply because the smaller tires are so much less! Many new cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s come with larger and larger wheels all the time and many of these vehicles able to utilize a smaller diameter wheel.  For example, if your car, truck, van or SUV comes with 18″ tires, it may be possible to install 17″ or even 16″ tires on it.  In order to achieve this smaller rim size, Car Medics would choose a smaller tire size that maintains your wheels overall outside diameter.  In essence, the rim gets smaller while the sidewall gets taller – thus maintaining the same outside diameter.  When the outside diameter doesn’t change, you will notice no difference in your speedometer or how the vehicle will handle.  And there will be no negative effects on you sensitive AWD or 4WD systems.  This taller sidewall, will also help prevent the rim from being damaged whenever you do come in contact with a hidden curb or pothole under the snow by providing an extra cushion of rubber between the road and your rim.

5. You will also save time every spring and fall, whenever you have your winter tires and rims installed on your vehicle.  On average, you will save between 30-45 minutes when installing your tires and rims that are already assembled, versus the time it would take to strip your summer all season radials off the rims, install the winters on them and then balance and finally install them on your car.


So, in conclusion, make sure you investigate the possibility of downsizing your winter tires or at least installing your winter tires on their own set of rims.  You can start by calling or emailing Car Medics for a quote for winter rims for your existing winter tires or for a new winter tire and rim package.  We not only have great pricing on winter tires and rims, but are experts at downsizing as well!  Contact us today  to ensure you get the right winter tires and rims to suit your needs at the best possible price.  We will also make sure you receive all of the tire manufacturer rebates as well!